Digital Strategy

Success Starts With Great Strategy

Our Strategic Planning Avoids Failures and gets You Ahead Faster

At TDE, we help West Virginia small businesses grow in real-time with our proven digital solutions. We help advance our clients ahead of their competition by combining our creative digital strategy with our results-driven approach, reaching the right audience, helping to grow their business, driving new leads and sales, and turning customers into advocates.


We size up the marketing landscape of your specific industry to identify current obstacles and formulate a complete, strategic, and cohesive plan to overcome them.

Competitor Analysis

We are good at connecting dots and finding patterns. We keep a close watch on your competitors and their failures, to help you get ahead by learning from their mistakes.


Our strategies align with the latest trends while keeping your long-term goals in mind and can be scaled according to the current situation.

measure Success

We measure your success regularly and use insights to adapt and improve before the failure strikes.